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Getting to Mannheim

By Plane: 
The international airport closest to Mannheim is Frankfurt Airport (FRA). It is the most suitable destination if you plan to travel to Mannheim by plane. Note that the Mannheim City Airport (MHG) is merely a minor regional airport with occasional connections only to Berlin and Hamburg.

From Frankfurt airport train station (Fernbahnhof), which is adjacent to the airport, Mannheim train station (Hauptbahnhof) can be reached in approximately 30 minutes by ICE high-speed trains. Trains depart approximately every 30 minutes. For more information and schedules, see the 
Deutsche Bahn's website (available in English).

By Train:
Mannheim is an important regional hub for Deutsche Bahn.
There are connections from e.g.
- Amsterdam (travel time: 4h48min)
- Brussels (travel time: 3h30min)
- Geneva (travel time: 5h)
- Paris (travel time: 3h05min)
- Zürich (travel time: 3h14min). 

For more information and schedules, see the Deutsche Bahn's website (available in English).